Register Early and Save

  1. Register by April 28      $100/child (free t-shirt, $25 value included)
  2. Register by June 10      $130/child (free t-shirt, $25 value included)
  3. Register after June 10  $160/child
*music and science camp cost additional $50 for special guest instructor ($150 by April 28, $180 by June 10 and $210 after June 10)
Healthy snacks WILL BE provided. Kids must bring their own peanut free lunch  Please notify us of any allergies or special dietary needs of your child.
Extended childcare is available 8:00-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm for $50/week flat fee. Pay at time of registration. Late pickup is charged at $1 a minute according to our clock. Please do not drop off your children before 9:00am as registration in the morning is from 9:00am -9:15am.  Note that the rockwall is usually open during extended care and with fewer kids taking turns, there is more opportunity to climb.
Camp Store: Picture CD’s, Camp DVD’s, shirts, wrist bands, hoodies and more will be available at our camp store at great prices.  Buy a bundle and save even more!
**camp registration is limited to 50 kids/week, 25 kids for Sports Week 1
***we reserve the right to cancel a camp if we have less than 10 children registered for that week