Meet the Staff

All full time camp staff are certified in first aid and CPR.  All staff and volunteers are screened and must pass a background check.

Walter Rogers 

Executive Director, Walter has been working with children for over 20 years and has a BA in Adventure Based Youth Leadership. He loves rock climbing, snowboarding and helping kids make life long memories.

Josh Ancheta

Operations Director, Josh is a 3rd year Physical Therapy Major at University of the Fraser Valley. He loves camping, hiking and basketball. Josh loves seeing kids grow to become people who give back to their community.

Marina Tatarnikova

Teaching Director, Marina is a second year psychology student at Burman University who enjoys mixed martial arts. She loves teaching interesting things to future doctors, pastors, musicians, adventurers…

Mark Kyslik

Marketing and Development, Mark will be a Marketing and Business Major at Trinity Western University in Sept. Mark loves playing music, Hockey, Chai Lattes, and travelling the world. He enjoys working with kids because of their energy and spirit.

Jaia Hernandez

Registration and Finances, Jaia is studying to become a pediatric nurse at the University of the Fraser Valley. She enjoys playing guitar and ukulele and loves being able to interact with kids and make them smile.

Jacob Ancheta

Sports and Fitness Director, Jacob is studying Kinesiology at Univsersity of the Fraser Valley. He loves basketball, volleyball, football and seeing children grow, develop and improve from what he has taught them.