What is Kids Zone Camp?

  • a quality, affordable Day Camp serving the Langley, Aldergrove and Abbotsford area
  • 8 different camps all summer, July 10 – Sept 1
  • Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm.
  • Age 5-12
  • Starting at $100/week per child
  • Extended care $50/week
  • Financial assistance available 

Why Kids Zone Camp?

  • 20 years experience with kids
  • a 32 ft rock climbing wall
  • Safe, fun, and educational
  • Kids learn character and health
  • New, state of the art facility 
  • Central, convenient location in Langley 
  • Experienced and screened staff 
  • 5:1 (or better) child:staff ratio
  • Every week includes rockclimbing
  • Affordable for everyone

Registration Process

All camps still open for new registrations.  To register:
  1. Look over camps and choose your favourites (up to all 8 weeks)
  2. Fill out the online registration form
  3. Download waiver, sign and email to
  4. Call 604-514-8335 to make payment for camps and extended childcare. 
       Register by June 10 and get a free t-shirt!
       Having trouble? First look over the website including the FAQ section. If you still have a question, call 604-514-8335 and we will be happy to help
“We have been very happy with the camp staff and how organized and safe the environment is.  So grateful for this camp!   We will be back next year for sure.” – Miranda, parent
“Camp was fun! My favourite part was the rock wall!” – Ella, 6
“My favourite part was making some new friends and getting to learn new games!”  – Chay, 10
“Camp was good! The best part was rock climbing, I got to touch the ceiling.” – Ty, 9


  • July 10-14        Sports Camp 1: Basketball
  • July 17-21        Amazing Animals 1: Africa
  • July 24-28        Music Camp* (with Perry Springman)
  • July 31-Aug 4  Science Camp 1* (with Ben Roy)
  • Aug 7-11          Science Camp 2* (with Ben Roy)
  • Aug 14-18        Amazing Animals 2: World
  • Aug 21-25        Sports Camp 2: Floor Hockey
  • Aug 28-Sept 1 How Stuff Works Camp
(“How My Body Works Camp” was cancelled due to funding and logistics)

Register Early and Save

  1. Register by April 28      $100/child (free t-shirt, $25 value included)
  2. Register by June 10      $130/child (free t-shirt, $25 value included)
  3. Register after June 10  $160/child
*music and science camp cost additional $50 for special guest instructor ($150 by April 28, $180 by June 10 and $210 after June 10)
Healthy snacks WILL BE provided. Kids must bring their own peanut free lunch  Please notify us of any allergies or special dietary needs of your child.
Extended childcare is available 8:00-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm for $50/week flat fee. Pay at time of registration. Late pickup is charged at $1 a minute according to our clock. Please do not drop off your children before 9:00am as registration in the morning is from 9:00am -9:15am.  Note that the rockwall is usually open during extended care and with fewer kids taking turns, there is more opportunity to climb.
Camp Store: Picture CD’s, Camp DVD’s, shirts, wrist bands, hoodies and more will be available at our camp store at great prices.  Buy a bundle and save even more!
**camp registration is limited to 50 kids/week, 25 kids for Sports Week 1
***we reserve the right to cancel a camp if we have less than 10 children registered for that week


All camps include rock-climbing, group games, sports, healthy snacks, and positive character teaching.  Each week of camp will be a unique experience so that a child could attend all 8 camps if they choose.

July 10-14   Sports Camp 1: Basketball

Sports Camp 1 will focus on Basketball but will also include some rock climbing, floor hockey, and volleyball. There will be specific skill building exercises and drills, sport history and character lessons on sportsmanship, integrity, and teamwork. Kids will become better athletes in both skills and attitude.

July 17-21   Amazing Animals 1: Africa

Kids will learn amazing facts about their favorite African animals including lions, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, and zebras. Life lessons will be drawn from the unique qualities of each animal such as diversity, environmentalism and being yourself. If your kids like animals, they will love Amazing Animals Camp!

July 24-28 Music Camp* with Perry

If your kids have ever wanted to write a song and then perform it with a band?  Or, maybe you would like to learn how to play a  new instrument like a ukulele, electric guitar, or the drums?  Discover the joy of using your voice to sing!   Want to participate in a drum circle? No problem!  They can do it all  with Perry Springman at Music Camp!

July 31- Aug 4 Science Camp 1* with Ben

Discover cool chemical reactions, build your own test vehicle and crash it, and build your own working robot and get to take it home.  To learn more about Ben Roy visit
Aug 7-11

Science Camp 2* with Ben

Become a junior scientist and embark on a series of science adventures.  Learn how matter can change physically and chemically, learn about science and engineering and even how to extract DNA!  To learn more about Ben Roy visit

Aug 14-18 Amazing Animals 2: World

Kids will learn about animals from around the world including Tigers, Parrots, Panthers and Grizzly Bears. Life lessons will be drawn each animal such as protecting yourself, respect, and sticking up for others. If your kids like animals, they will love Amazing Animals Camp!

Aug 21-25 Sports Camp 2: Hockey

Sports camp 2 will focus on floor hockey but also include rock climbing, basketball, and volleyball.  With skill building exercises, sport history lessons and teaching on attitude, kids will will become better athletes in both skills and attitude.

Aug 28-Sept 1 How Stuff Works Camp

Kids will be able to take apart and learn how everyday machines work like small engines, air conditioners, and computers.  Life lessons will help children keep their cool, download good and have positive communication. Curious kids who love working with their hands will love this camp!
We reserve the right to make adjustments to camp programing and schedules as needed.
Camps with less than 10 children registered may be cancelled at our discretion.  People registered for cancelled camps will receive a full refund, credit to attend a different camp of equal value or credit for a camp next year.

Meet the Staff

All full time camp staff are certified in first aid and CPR.  All staff and volunteers are screened and must pass a background check.

Walter Rogers 

Executive Director, Walter has been working with children for over 20 years and has a BA in Adventure Based Youth Leadership. He loves rock climbing, snowboarding and helping kids make life long memories.

Josh Ancheta

Operations Director, Josh is a 3rd year Physical Therapy Major at University of the Fraser Valley. He loves camping, hiking and basketball. Josh loves seeing kids grow to become people who give back to their community.

Marina Tatarnikova

Teaching Director, Marina is a second year psychology student at Burman University who enjoys mixed martial arts. She loves teaching interesting things to future doctors, pastors, musicians, adventurers…

Mark Kyslik

Marketing and Development, Mark will be a Marketing and Business Major at Trinity Western University in Sept. Mark loves playing music, Hockey, Chai Lattes, and travelling the world. He enjoys working with kids because of their energy and spirit.

Jaia Hernandez

Registration and Finances, Jaia is studying to become a pediatric nurse at the University of the Fraser Valley. She enjoys playing guitar and ukulele and loves being able to interact with kids and make them smile.

Jacob Ancheta

Sports and Fitness Director, Jacob is studying Kinesiology at Univsersity of the Fraser Valley. He loves basketball, volleyball, football and seeing children grow, develop and improve from what he has taught them.
Kids Zone Day Camp @ 
Church in the Valley
23589 Old Yale Rd
Langley, BC
V2Z 2K4
(604) 514-8335
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Frequently Ask Questions

What time do I need to drop off my child?
  • Registration will open at no earlier than 9:00am and will close after 9:15am. Please make sure to drop off your child during this time period.
What if I need to drop off my child before 9am or pick them up after 4pm?
  • Before and after camp extended care is available for $50 per week flat rate.  Extended care is available 8:00-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm.  Please pay at time of registration.
  • Late pickup after 5:30pm is charged at $1 a minute according to our clock.
What if I want to cancel a camp registration?
  • Cancellation Policy: To cancel your camp experience, notification in writing must be received no later than two weeks prior to the start of your camp in order to receive a full refund (minus the non-refundable $25 day camp deposit).  Written cancellations may be sent to
What if a week of camp gets cancelled due to low registration?
  • Camps with less than 10 children registered may be cancelled at our discretion. People registered for cancelled camps will receive either a free transfer to a different Kids Zone Camp (plus difference in price from the time of paid registration), a equivalent credits for next years camp or a full refund. It’s your choice.  NOTE: “How my body works camp” was cancelled due to logistics and reduced grant funding.
Will my children receive meals as part of Kids Zone Day Camps?
  • We are considering doing a sack lunch for $25/week, and have included a survey question about it in our online registration form.  We are trying to keep our camps as affordable as possible, so family have the option to bring their own peanut free lunches.  Healthy snacks WILL BE provided as part of our programming.  Please notify us of any allergies or special dietary needs of your child.
Can I volunteer to help with the camp program?
  • Volunteers are a key part of keeping our camps affordable.  There is a application process including criminal background check and interview.  Contact us to find out more.  We reserve the right to accept, deny, change roles or remove any volunteer or staff at our discretion according to our staff policy.  Child safety is our first priority.  To learn more about volunteering,  email
What if I want to register for a camp that is already full?
  • You can either register for a different camp that still has room or be put on a waiting list.  Sports Camp 1 has room for 25 children.  All other camps are capped at 50 children per week.  First paid, first served.
The camp facility is a church.  Will religion be forced on my child?
  • No.  All positive religious views will be respected.  This camp is provided as a community service by Church in the Valley and Acts of Kindness.  There will be positive character teaching from a Christian perspective including prayer and songs.  Theological teaching beyond “there is a God who loves you and has a plan for your life” will take place at our Saturday Church service, not our day camps.  There will be no unique SDA teaching at camp.  A summary of our teaching for each camp will be available for parents upon request.  Families desiring deeper religious instruction are welcome to contact us for in home Bible studies or to attend our church services which happen every Saturday from 9:30am-12:30pm.   See  
Can I trust my child to your staff?
  • Our carefully selected staff is sensitive to the needs of the individual camper.  All full time staff are adults experienced in working with children, trained and certified in CPR and first Aid.  We aim to have a 7:1 child to staff ratio or better.  All volunteers and staff must pass our application process including a criminal background check.  Your child’s safety is our top priority.
STILL GOT QUESTIONS?  Feel free to contact us at or (604) 514-8335

Financial Assistance

No child should miss a camp experience because of money.  That’s why we offer assistance to those whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending camp.
Families or individuals who require assistance pay what they can afford based a ratio of their total household income and number of children. This amount is determined in the application process.  
You will be asked to provide one or more of the following items for each person in your household:
  1. Prior year’s Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada
  2. Prior year’s Income Tax Return
  3. In the case of those who do not file Tax Returns, please attach the last three pay stubs for those in the household earning income
Once your application is reviewed and approved, we ask that you provide payment as agreed to during the application process.
Lets work together so that every child has a chance to have a great camp experience, no matter what their income is!